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We Shape Your Dreams ....    

Since Miju Precision first opened its doors in 1990, we have been delivering superior quality Injection Moulds and injection moulding solutions to our customers.

Continual expansion and investment in the latest technology has made Miju Precision one among the largest and most productive mould maker in the Rep. Of Korea .

Our ISO certifications ,and Six Sigma certifications combined with our customer service policy give us a distinct and unique advantage in the competitive industry.

As we continue our journey as a leading Quality Mould maker , We have our goal is clearly defined: Which is to Deliver customers Best Quality ,Competitive cost and shortest lead time which is achieved by investing in the equipment, technology and manpower needed to create a top quality product that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Miju Precision is one amoung South Korea’s largest mould making companies with our 5000 sq Meter Campus with 2 state of the art mould making facilities,Plant 1 dedicated for Large and medium size moulds(Miju Precision Co.) and Plant 2 for Precision moulds (MJ Tech Korea ) and the ability to handle up to 25 tons.


Miju Precision is poised to have a manufacturing capacity of 500+ moulds per annum .

Growing With Us   

At Miju Precision we pride ourselves in placing the customer first, helping them to have an edge over their competitors in their market .


This is made possible by offering better feasibility for part designs and shortest lead time .We also place a high priority on our employees. We believe that a satisfied and highly skilledemployee equals greater customer satisfaction. We do this through competitive wages and a focus on growth and constant education.

Our History
Mould Technology   
Mould technology


  • Patented Mold Technology for high thickness parts.

  • Two cavity Door trim moulds

  • Steam Moulds

  • Electrically heated moulds



    Stack Molds

    Some applications call for high part volume in a limited foot-print because of press constraints and to keep costs-to-manufacture low. In those instances a two-face stack mold might be the ideal solution. Tech Mold can design and build the right mold for the application to meet your manufacturing requirements.


    Unscrewing Molds

    Not every mold manufacturer has expertise in designing and building unscrewing molds. Cap and Closure molds, and other products with threads, are Tech Mold’s forte’, and we have built many precision, multi-cavity unscrewing molds to accommodate these applications. Our expertise in this technology has been developed over many years of working with packaging OEMs to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries to provide fast-cycling, precision unscrewing molds.


    Spin Stack Molds

    Tech Mold is licensed to use the Spin Stack™ technology that offers multiple operations in a rotating, four-face cube mold decorating/labeling, assembly and other “secondary” in-mold operations to reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality.


    In-Mold Technology

    In-mold labeling and in-mold decorating is gaining in popularity in North America, and Tech Mold is a leader in designing and building molds and the automated molding systems to accommodate this technology. Other in-mold technologies includes in-mold closing of closures with living hinges, and in-mold assembly. Just about any application you can think of can be performed using in-mold technology to reduce manufacturing costs, improve quality and differentiate your brand.


    Multi-Material/Two Shot

    In today’s manufacturing environment, saving time is saving money, and Tech Mold’s expertise in building multi-material and two-shot molds can help you. Some applications might require an engineering thermoplastic substrate with a thermoplastic elastomer overmolded onto it to provide ergonomic functionality or aesthetics, performed in a single mold. Multi-material or multi-color components can be molded in a single cycle, making the technology ideal for applications across a broad range of products from consumer to technology products and packaging

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